The Two Most Important Questions Every Psychotherapist Should Ask

PsychotherapistPsychotherapists love to ask questions. In fact, most therapists spend their entire day asking people questions. On this webpage you will find two questions I think every counselor should ask themselves.

When I was in graduate school I was never asked what type of clinician I wanted to be. Not what theoretical orientation I favored, but what are the components of a competent healer. I was not asked how I thought change happened for people and what could I contribute to aid in clients changing.

When I was a kid I used to love it when the parents came in to tell the class about what they did for a living. If you were to go into a second grade classroom today what would you tell the kids about yourself as a clinician?

Click on the link The Two Most Important Questions For You To Ask taken from my text Secrets of a Psychotherapist.

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