You Don't Need a License to be Therapeutic. Here's how.

You don't need a license to be therapeutic. You really don't.

Obtaining a license does not mean a therapist is therapeutic. Licensure means a therapist has accumulated the required experience and passed an examination signifying they can practice safely.

People have acted therapeutically long before the profession of psychotherapy was invented. In fact, being of good use to others does not require any education at all. Isn't that good to know?

But being helpful to your clients does require acting in certain ways.

I've listed ten things you can do to act in helpful ways I know you can do right now, which I believe, will make you a better counselor and your clients feel better.

If you can learn how to be helpful to your clients right now, today, why wait?

Click on the link Therapeutic Without A License to learn the top ten things you can do to be therapeutic - even without a license!

To learn more helpful psychotherapeutic skills click on a link to my text Secrets of a Psychotherapist.

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