Understanding Substance Abuse

Understanding substance abuse is not always easy. It can seem a mystery why a person develops problems with alcohol or drugs and another person doesn’t.

What is known is a person's path when using alcohol or drugs will follow predictable stages. Unfortunately, each stage is progressive and brings greater chaos and greater consequences.

Alcoholism and drug use affects both the user and those the using individual interacts with. This means every substance abuser will affect their family members, coworkers, neighbors and people within their wider community.

Understanding Substance AbuseHow are other people supposed to cope with the substance abuser? How can a non-using person stay sane within an environment full of chaos?

Quitting substance use can be seen as an act of courage or desperation. Many times it is both.

If a person has been using for many years, what will help them be successful in stopping their use? When the person finally decides to stop using what should they do?

To help you gain perspective on some of the issues related to substance abuse click Understanding Substance Abuse and learn basic information about:

  • Stages of Use
  • Abstinence and Recovery
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Cravings
  • Treatment and Referral

The US Department of Health and Human Services put out a nice six page brief entitled "What You Should Know About Alcohol Problems".

You can also click on the link www.become-an-effective-psychotherapist.com/co-dependency.html to learn about the progressive nature of codependency, enabling, maintaining self esteem and the value of getting support.This content will be added later. Contact me and I will send it to you.

If you have substance abuse in your family history click on www.become-an-effective-psychotherapist.com/ACA.html to learn basic information about the struggles Adult Children of Alcoholics have and family roles.This content will be added later. Contact me and I will send it to you.

Substance AbuseUnderstanding substance abuse is not always easy. Trying to make sense of chaos is a difficult task. But it can be done. People every day are making the efforts needed to improve their lives, share their stories with others, and turn tragedy into triumph.

To learn the questions used for a c/d assessment click Chemical Dependency Assessment.

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